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Advantages of WebHarvy Web Scraper

What makes WebHarvy different from other web scraping software ? What are the key benefits and advantages that you receive while using WebHarvy for data extraction ? Read on . .

Scrape data using a point and click interface


WebHarvy is a visual Web Scraper. You can configure WebHarvy to scrape data from websites using a point and click interface. There is no need to write any scripts/code or go through complicated setup procedures to scrape data. Just browse to the page which contains the data to be extracted and select the required data by clicking on them. It is that easy ! See this video demonstration to know how easy it is to scrape data from websites using WebHarvy. Also, see the various ways in which data can be selected for extraction.

WebHarvy's point and click interface : very easy to use

WebHarvy can be configured easily. Intelligently identifies patterns of data in web pages.

One of the major design goals which we had while developing WebHarvy is that our customers should be able scrape data from web sites with minimum amount of interaction with the software. This implies minimum amount of key presses and mouse clicks.

So while you are trying to scrape a list of repeating data items like name, address, email address, price etc from a web page, WebHarvy will not ask you whether you are trying to capture a single data item or a list of items, unlike other web data extraction software. If data repeats, WebHarvy will intelligently identify it.

Scrape sections and sub sections within websites


'Category Scraping' feature of WebHarvy allows you to easily scrape a list of links which leads to similarly formatted pages within a website. You can use this feature to scrape categories or sub sections listed under the main page of the website.

Category scraping demo

Keyword based scraping


This feature helps you to automatically perform searches for a list of input keywords in a website and scrape the resulting data. Know more about Keyword based scraping.

Keyword scraping demo

Scrape anonymously via proxy servers

Scraping via proxy servers prevents remote web servers from blocking your computer's IP address. You may provide a single proxy server address or a list of proxy server addresses to scrape data anonymously.

Read more about WebHarvy's built-in proxy support

Extracted data can be saved in a variety of formats

WebHarvy allows you to save the data extracted from websites as a file or to an SQL database. CSV (comma separated values), TSV (tab separated values), XML (Extensible Markup Language), JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) file formats are supported. CSV files can be opened using any spreadsheet software like Microsoft Excel, Open Office or with Google Docs.

Read more about data export options

Built-in Scheduler

WebHarvy comes with a built-in scheduler using which you can schedule you scraping tasks. Know more.

WebHarvy is offered at a reasonable price point

You can purchase a single user license of WebHarvy for just $99. You get free lifetime support and free updates for a period of 1 year.