How to scrape odds from Oddsportal website ?

WebHarvy is a generic easy-to-use visual web scraper which can be configured to scrape data from any website. You may download and try a free 15 days evaluation version of WebHarvy from here.

In this article we will see how WebHarvy can be configured to scrape odds values from oddsportal website. Various odds values like opening odds, home/away odds, over/under odds, full time / half time odds, etc. can be automatically extracted for multiple matches listed under various leagues of various countries/sports.

Also, odds values provided by various bookmakers like bet365, pinnacle etc. can be separately extracted.

Scraping Opening Odds

Detailed Article: How to scrape opening odds of any bookmaker from oddsportal website?

JavaScript code used to open popup:

RegEx string used :

Opening odds:\r\n(.*)

Opening odds:[^,]*,\s*[^\s]*\s*(.*)

The following video shows another method of scraping opening odds from oddsportal website.

The JavaSCript codes used in the above video can be found here.

Scraping Home, Draw, Away Odds (1, X, 2)

The JavaScript code used in the above video can be found here.

Scraping Asian Handicap Opening Odds for each bookmaker

Notes and codes used in the above video can be found here.

Scraping 1 and 2 values from Asian Handicap page

Codes used in the above video can be found in video description.

Extracting over, under values

Extracting half time / full time odds

We recommend that you try the free evaluation version of WebHarvy available for download.

Download the FREE evaluation version of WebHarvy

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