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Scraping property listings data for a list of ZIP codes in Zillow | Keyword Scraping

WebHarvy is a visual web scraper which can be configured to scrape data from any website. In this article we will see how WebHarvy can be used to scrape real estate data from Zillow.

The keyword scraping feature of WebHarvy allows you to scrape data from search results by submitting a list of keywords. This feature can be used to submit a list of ZIP codes at Zillow website and extract property data from the search results. The following video shows the steps involved.

Update (June 2021) : Due to recent changes in Zillow website, a new technique has to be used to scrape all 40 properties which are displayed on each page. Please watch this video to know more.

We recommend that you try the free evaluation version of WebHarvy available for download.

Download the FREE evaluation version of WebHarvy

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