How to scrape text following a heading using WebHarvy ?

In the latest update of WebHarvy, the Visual Web Scraping Software, the newly introduced ‘capture following text’ option allows you to capture text/block/paragraph following a heading within a webpage.
Often with many websites the data to be scraped may not be located at the same position within all pages, but is guaranteed to be found under a given heading (Example : “Technical Details”, “Product Specification” etc). Sometimes, the text under a given heading may not be selected as a single item during configuring. In such scenarios the ‘Capture following text’ option in the capture window will provide helpful.

How to ?

While in configuration mode, click on the heading and select the ‘Capture following text’ option in the capture window. Provide a suitable name for the field and hit OK. In the preview pane you will be able to see the text following the heading captured.
Refer for more details.

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