(Update) Amazon listings – How to follow product links and extract data ?

The following video shows the latest and correct procedure which you need to follow to extract product details by following product links from Amazon listings pages.


Steps to follow as shown in the above video :

  1. During configuration highlight the entire product listing row (of the first non-sponsored listing) and click to bring up the Capture window.
  2. Select More Options > Capture HTML (or click the ‘Capture HTML’ option from quick access toolbar)
  3. Select More Options > Apply Regular Expression. Paste the following RegEx string and Apply.
  4.  a class=”a-link-normal a-text-normal” href=”([^”]*)
  5. Click the main ‘Follow this link’ button to follow the product link.
  6. Once the product details page is opened you can select additional data from page.

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