How to scrape NFT data from, etc.

NFT marketplace websites like enables users to participate in sales and purchase of digital assets like art, games, music etc. In this article you will learn how NFT marketplace data displayed by such websites can be scraped to a local spreadsheet file in your computer.

Scraping NFT Marketplace Data

Advantages of Scraping NFT Data

NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) are tokens used to represent ownership of digital assets like art, music etc. NFTs are secured in the backend by blockchain technology. The most important use of scraping NFT data is for market analysis. Apart from the intrinsic value in owning digital assets, NFTs are also seen as investment vehicles. Collecting and analyzing NFT data from marketplace websites like helps you make better purchase/sale decisions. For a more detailed guide on NFT Market Analysis, please refer this guide.

How to Scrape NFT Data?

Web Scraping is the process of automatically extracting data from websites using software. There are a variety of tools and APIs to scrape data from websites. In this article we are going to use WebHarvy, our easy-to-use visual web scraping software. You can download and install WebHarvy locally in your computer. WebHarvy helps you scrape data from any website via an intuitive point and script interface. So, there is no need to write any code or scripts to scrape data.

Download and Install the free trial version of WebHarvy

Scraping is one of the first and largest digital markeplaces for crypto and non-fungible tokens. The following video shows how WebHarvy can be used to easily scrape NFT data from website.

Using WebHarvy you can scrape various details of NFTs listed in the marketplace like price, bids, pricing history, ownership, transfer and blockchain details.

Scraping NFT Marketplace

The following video shows how data from NFT marketplace can be scraped using WebHarvy.

WebHarvy allows you to save the scraped data to a local file in your computer or to a database.

Download and Try WebHarvy

You may download and install a free 15 days trial version of WebHarvy. If you are new to WebHarvy, please refer the Getting Started Guide.

Have Questions? Need Assistance?

If you have any questions regarding WebHarvy or need assistance in configuring WebHarvy, please do not hesitate to contact our technical support team.


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