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What is Web Scraping ?

Web Scraping (also termed Screen Scraping, Web Data Extraction, Web Harvesting etc.) is a technique used to automatically extract large amounts of data from websites and save it to a file or database. The data scraped will usually be in tabular/spreadsheet format.

Data displayed by websites can only be viewed using a web browser. Most websites do not allow you to save a copy of this data to a storage location or database. If you need the data, the only option is to manually copy and paste the data - a very tedious job which can take many hours or days to complete. Web Scraping is the technique of automating this process, so that instead of manually copying the data from websites, the Web Scraping software will perform the same task within a fraction of the time.

A web scraping software will automatically load, crawl and extract data from multiple pages of websites based on your requirement. It is either custom built for a specific website or one which can be configured to work with any website. With the click of a button, you can easily save the data available in the website to a file in your computer.

What is Web Scraping used for?

Web Scraping is used for data. Access to relevant data and having methods to analyze it (and performing intelligent actions based on analysis) can make a huge difference in the success and growth of most businesses in the modern world. Data collection and analysis is important even for government, non-profit and educational institutions.

The following are few of the many uses of Web Scraping..

How to scrape data from websites?

Web Scraping Need Not be Hard

The problem with most generic web scraping software is that they are very difficult to master and use. There is a steep learning curve involved. WebHarvy was designed to solve this problem. With a very intuitive, point and click interface, WebHarvy allows you to start scraping data within minutes from any website.

If you are interested in knowing more, we highly recommend that you download and try the FREE 15 days evaluation version of WebHarvy.