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Purchase WebHarvy

Our online orders are handled by MyCommerce Share-It!, a Digital River subsidiary that handles sales for thousands of software companies world-wide. We accept a variety of payment options such as Credit Cards, PayPal, bank/wire transfers, check, purchase orders (PO, only for corporate customers), including billing in various currencies.

If you have any questions regarding the ordering process you may either contact us or visit MyCommerce share-it Customer Care Center.

Payment via PayPal is supported in addition to credit card payment.
Number of LicensesPrice (US Dollars)
WebHarvy Single User License USD 139.00
WebHarvy 2 User License USD 219.00
WebHarvy 3 User License USD 299.00
WebHarvy 4 User License USD 359.00
WebHarvy Site License
Unlimited Users
USD 699.00

Once you successfully complete the payment, our online store will automatically send you the license key file (via email) using which you can register your copy of WebHarvy.


Q: How will I get the full version after making payment ?
Once you complete the ordering process our online store will automatically email you the license key file (.dat file) using which you can unlock and register the trial version of WebHarvy as explained here. Please save/backup this file.

Q: Does the license require yearly renewal or is it one time payment ?
WebHarvy license provides you access to all versions of WebHarvy released during a period of 1 year from the date of purchase, and support for the same time period. The license key file can be used to unlock and use these versions for life. There is no time limitation or renewal/subscription charges for this.

Q: What about versions released after 1 year ?
In case you wish to continue receive updates and support even after the first year you should purchase the license upgrade. Purchasing the license upgrade provides you a new license key file which can be used to unlock versions released during another 1 year time period. How to upgrade ?

Q: What is the difference between various WebHarvy licenses ?
The single user license of WebHarvy allows you to install and unlock WebHarvy on computers which are owned and used personally by you (maximum 3), provided that you do not run them simultaneously.

Multiple (2 or more) user licenses are required if multiple users are required to run/use WebHarvy from multiple computers. The site license allows you to install, unlock and use WebHarvy on unlimited number of computers used simultaneously by multiple users (unlimited), provided that the computers belong to you or your company/organization.

All licenses (single, multiple, site) allows you full access to all features of the software, the difference is only in the number of PCs on which you can unlock WebHarvy using the license key file. All licenses comes with free updates of the software for 1 year from the date of purchase. For receiving updates after the first year you can purchase the license upgrade which costs only a fraction of the original license cost.

Q: What is site license ?
Site license allows you to unlock and activate WebHarvy on unlimited number of computers belonging to your company/organization.

Q: Customizations / Data scraping service ?
Currently we do not offer customized versions of WebHarvy. Nor do we offer data scraping as a service. We expect our customers to configure and run WebHarvy themselves to get data. We are happy to provide you the required assistance in configuring WebHarvy in case you face any problem.

Refund Policy

We offer a 15 days money back guarantee for WebHarvy. If you’re not satisfied for any reason within 15 days you get a full refund, period, no questions asked. We don’t want your money if you are not happy with our product.

Support Policy

The full version of WebHarvy comes with free general technical assistance for 1 year. You may contact us in case you need assistance in configuring WebHarvy to scrape data as per your requirement, or in case you face any issues. Kindly note that technical support will be primarily via email.

Freelancers / Consultants (important):

If you are a freelancer/consultant planning to use WebHarvy to undertake data extraction projects for various (many) clients, kindly note that it will be very difficult for us to support you on a per-project / very-frequent basis for the price at which we offer the full version of the software. This is because we are selling a product here and not a service. WebHarvy is designed and built to empower users (our end users who will be using the extracted data themselves) to get data directly from websites in a very easy way.

We highly recommend that you download and make use of the free evaluation version to see if the software can be configured on your own or with our help to extract data as per your requirement. In case you need our detailed assistance in configuring WebHarvy to extract data from more than 4 different websites please request for paid assistance at

Upgrade Policy

Once you purchase WebHarvy you will get free access to all updates (major and minor) released within a period of 1 year from the date of purchase. You may keep using these updates for life (no time limitation). But, if you wish to unlock and register versions of WebHarvy released after the first year and get support, you should purchase the license upgrade. The license upgrade should be purchased within 2 months after your current license expiry. (Know More)

If you have any questions, or need any assistance, please contact us at