WebHarvy License Validity

All WebHarvy updates (major and minor) are free for a period of 1 year from the date of purchasing the license. You may use your license key file to unlock and register all updates released during this 1-year period. You will also receive technical support as per our support policy during this period.

License Expiry

Your license will expire 1 year after date of purchase. There will not be any limitation in software's functionality, but technical assistance / support and further software updates will not be available once your license has expired. You can continue to use versions released before your license expiry date, for life.

Why upgrade?

After 1 year, if you wish to install and unlock newer versions of WebHarvy and also receive support, then you should purchase the license upgrade. License upgrade can be purchased by following the steps mentioned below.

How to upgrade?

Method 1

1. Open WebHarvy > Help menu > About. This method works only if your currently installed version is 5.4 or above. 2. If your license has expired or is about to expire, you should be able to see the Purchase Upgrade link in the resulting About window. Click on this link to know the upgrade price and purchase the upgrade. Please note that the upgrade price will be the least if you purchase it within 2 months after license expiry. With each passing month the upgrade price will also increase. After 1 year (post license expiry), it will not be possible to upgrade a license, and you will need to order a new license.

Method 2

1. Download and install the latest trial version of WebHarvy. 2. Try to unlock it using your existing license key file, which has expired. WebHarvy will display the following message. Click the Yes button to purchase the upgrade.