Proxy Server recommendations for Web Scraping

To scrape data anonymously and to avoid getting your IP blocked by web servers, it is recommended that you use proxy servers to access internet during web scraping. Most web scraping software allow you to set proxy server addresses to be used during data extraction.

There are free as well as paid proxy servers available in the internet.

Free proxies available are often slow and unreliable, and may result in missing data during data extraction. For this reason, we do not recommend using free proxies for web scraping.

The following are the proxy services which we recommend for web scraping / data extraction. We have tested the following services and they work well with WebHarvy as well as other web scraping software.

  1. 1. Bright Data

    Bright data (formerly Luminati Networks) is a proxy network that requires consent from its residential peers, has tight compliance procedures for its customers and serves Fortune 500 enterprises. You can easily switch between shared proxies, data-center private proxy, residential IPs and mobile IPs. IPs are available in every country, city, ASN and carrier with 99.9% uptime.

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    How to setup Bright Data Proxy Server Network with WebHarvy ?

  2. 2. Private Proxy

    Private Proxies provide HTTP(S) anonymous proxies which allows you to hide your computer's IP address by entering them in your Browser or Web Scraping Software. Only private dedicated proxies from a unique pool of proxies are provided. They offer a free monthly swap option whereby you can resolve blocked proxies.

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  3. 3. NetNut

    NetNut Proxies

    NetNut is the fastest Residential Proxy network for companies and businesses, with over 5 Million Residential IPs worldwide and growing on a weekly basis. NetNut gets its IPs directly from ISPs (internet service providers) and does not depend on an end-user or P2P networks, and offers a much faster proxy speed with one-hop connectivity, 24/7 IP availability, Premium Rotating & Static IPs and a fully optimized IP pools for web scraping and extracting web data.

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  4. 4. Trusted Proxies

    Trusted Proxies

    You can sign up for a free trial account with Trusted Proxies at the following link which will let you try their service for FREE with WebHarvy

    Signup for Trusted Proxies Proxy Server Cloud Account for WebHarvy

    Once you create a free Proxy Server Cloud trial account you will receive your proxy IP address / port number as well your account username/password. You should add the proxy server IP address/port in WebHarvy as explained at Scrape via Proxy Servers. Then, before mining you should authenticate with Trusted proxies at the web link provided in account settings details using your user name & password.

    How to setup Trusted Proxies Proxy Server Cloud account with WebHarvy ?

  5. 5. Squid Proxies

    Squid Proxies

    Squid Proxies offers elite anonymous HTTP/HTTPS proxies, which can access websites using any popular web browser or web scraping software and support both HTTP and HTTPS web protocols. Squid proxies offer the highest level of IP anonymity with 1,000+ Mbps dedicated speeds. There are no server restrictions on the amount of bandwidth you use.

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  6. 6. GreenCloudVPS


    GreenCloudVPS offer a wide range of Proxies: Semi-Dedicated Proxies and Dedicated Proxies. We have found GreenCloudVPS to be effective and better at avoiding blocking and detection while extracting data from some popular websites compared to other solutions.

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  7. 7. Looking for a free proxy server?

    When you use a proxy server, your computer, instead of communicating directly with the website, communicates with the proxy server which in turn communicates with the website and relays down its response to you. So, the proxy server becomes a crucial component in your connection which determines the connection speed, security and reliability. Which is why paid proxy servers are recommended. While using free proxy servers you have a higher chance of getting blocked, missing data and aborting the web scraping process. If you still would like to try, please see the following link.

    Check the free proxy list by Geonode Proxies

Scrape data anonymously using WebHarvy

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