Scrape Trulia Real Estate Listings

Trulia is a popular online real estate marketplace which is owned by the Zillow Group. In this article we will see how property data from Trulia's real estate listings can be scraped to a spreadsheet file in your computer.

Using Web Scraping, property listings data displayed by various real estate websites can be downloaded in table format to a spreadsheet (Excel) file in your computer. Real Estate companies and agents can use this data to make informed investment decisions and to better serve their clients.

How to scrape data from real estate websites?

We need to use a web scraping software to download data displayed by real estate websites. There are several types of web scraping software. WebHarvy is a visual web scraping software using which data can be easily extracted from any real estate website including Trulia, Zillow, etc. You can download and install WebHarvy in your computer. WebHarvy's point and click interface allows you to easily select data from websites via simple mouse clicks.

Scraping Trulia using WebHarvy

After opening WebHarvy installed in your computer, load the page from which you need to scrape data. WebHarvy contains a built-in browser using which you can load and navigate web pages, just like a normal browser. In fact, WebHarvy is internally using Google Chrome's browser engine, which is known as the Chromium Project.

Trulia website loaded within WebHarvy

The image above shows Trulia property listings page for Chicago loaded within WebHarvy.

Selecting Property Data to Scrape

Once you have loaded the page from which you need to scrape data, click on the Start button in the Configuration section of the Home menu. You can then click and select any data item from the page for extraction. For example, click on the address of the first property. WebHarvy will show a Capture window with various options. Select the Capture Text option to scrape the text of the item. When you click OK, WebHarvy will automatically parse the entire page and select addresses of all properties listed on the page. The selected data is displayed in the Captured Data Preview pane.

select data to scrape from trulia

You can select details like address, price, beds/baths/area, thumbnail image etc. by following this method.

Scraping property data from multiple pages

Since the property listings for a location span across multiple pages, we should teach WebHarvy how to load the subsequent pages. For this, scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on the link to load the next page or the direct link to load page number 2.

trulia scraping pagination

From the resulting Capture window, select the Set as Next Page Link option.

How to load and scrape data from property details pages?

You can also instruct WebHarvy to follow each property link to load the property details page and then scrape data displayed in that page. For this, click on the first property link and select the Follow this link option from the resulting Capture window. This will load the property details page of the first property. Wait for the page to load completely and then you can click and select required data from the page.

The data which you select from the first property details page during configuration will be scraped from all property pages during mining. Whenever possible, it is recommended to use the Capture Following Text method to select the text to scrape, for more accuracy.

Scraping data

Once you have finished selecting all required data, click the Stop button in the Configuration section of Home menu. Then, click on the Start Mine button. In the resulting Miner window, click on the Start button to start scraping data.

trulia scraping

The scraped data can be saved to a file or exported to a database.

Watch the video demonstration

The following video shows how WebHarvy can be configured to scrape property data from Trulia's real estate listings. Codes used in the video can be found in the video description.

Try WebHarvy

You can download the free 15 days trial version of WebHarvy and try scraping Trulia property listings. Getting started guide

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