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Scraping Zillow Real Estate Listings

WebHarvy can be used to extract property details like address, price, Zestimate, number of beds, baths, area, price, owner/agent contact details, pricing history, images etc. from Zillow real estate listings. The following video shows the steps involved.

The Regular Expression strings used to extract Zestimate and Images in the above video are copied below. All other details can be directly clicked and selected for extraction.


img src="([^"]*)

img src[\s\S]*?img src="([^"]*)

img src[\s\S]*?img src[\s\S]*?img src="([^"]*)

For scraping more images, keep adding img src[\s\S]*? to the beginning of the last RegEx string.

Scraping phone numbers from property listings - owner/agent phone number

The following video shows how owner/agent phone numbers can be extracted from Zillow listings.

Scraping property details for a list of property addresses

If you have a list of property addresses and need to extract property details from Zillow for each of them, then the keyword scraping feature of WebHarvy can be used. The following video demonstrates the steps involved.


We recommend that you try the free evaluation version of WebHarvy available for download. You may watch more demonstration videos related to Zillow extraction here.

Download and try the free 15 days evaluation version of WebHarvy

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