WebHarvy 6.6 Release Update

The following are the changes in the latest version of WebHarvy Edit Proxies You can now edit details of saved proxy servers. In Settings > Proxy Settings, by double clicking on a saved proxy address (in Proxy List), you can edit its details (user name, password, address, port) and save changes. Earlier you needed to … Read more

Web Scraping YouTube Comments

YouTube’s comments section is often more interesting than the video itself. Comments contain a wealth of information related to the video in the form of user submitted feedback and reviews. This article explains how comments can be scraped from YouTube videos. Details like profile name, comment text, number of likes and replies etc. can be … Read more

Web Scraping Google Hotels Search Results

Hotel search on Google helps you discover and compare top rated hotels at all locations around the world. It provides details like hotel name, address, rating, price, reviews, amenities and other hotel details, website address, phone number etc. In this article we will learn the process of web scraping hotel details from Google Hotel Search. … Read more

Web Scraping YouTube Video Details

Web Scraping is the process of automatically extracting data from websites using software known as web scrapers. In this article we will learn how web scraping can be used to extract YouTube video details. Scraping YouTube YouTube Video Data can be scraped from : Video recommendations (home) page of an account YouTube video search results … Read more

Web Scraping Football Stats from various websites

Web Scraping football data helps in creating a comprehensive dataset containing statistics of teams, players and matches, which can be used for analysis or to build your own dashboards displaying various stats and tables. Web Scraping is the process of automatically extracting data displayed by websites to a spreadsheet file in your computer or to … Read more

Scrape Shopee Product Data | Shopee Scraper

Shopee is one of the largest e-commerce platforms in Southeast Asia with hundreds of millions of monthly visitors. In this article you will learn how product and seller details from Shoppe product listings can be scraped to a spreadsheet file in your computer (or saved to a database). How to scrape Shopee product data? Web … Read more

Web Scraping FootyStats.org Football Statistics

FootyStats.org provides football statistics and match result prediction (betting odds) data for thousands of football leagues worldwide. Compared to other similar websites like flashscore, whoscored etc., footystats.org has a very user friendly design which makes it easier for users to drill down on match statistics. Software to scrape football statistics Web Scraping is the process … Read more

Version – MySQL Latest Version Support

WebHarvy Version is a minor release which contains bug fix for issues reported while exporting data to latest version of MySQL server (8.0.29). Along with this we have also updated other libraries which are used internally by the software. This update may be downloaded from https://www.webharvy.com/download.html