How to split address to street, city, state, zip while web scraping ?

During web data extraction, you might sometimes require to split textual data, or extract only a portion of the selected text. Following are 2 scenarios: Split the address string to street, city, state and zip Extract details like price, order number, phone, email etc. from a string In such cases, you can use the ‘Capture … Read more

How to web scrape after translating a page to another language ?

You can use Google Translate to translate a web page to another language and then use WebHarvy to scrape the translated content. For this, you will first need to translate the page using Google Translate’s web interface, find the translated page frame URL and then load it within WebHarvy. The video below demonstrates the process. … Read more

Scraping odds from NowGoal website

WebHarvy can be used scrape sports betting odds from various websites like Oddsportal, BetExplorer etc.  The following videos shows how WebHarvy can be configured to extract odds from NowGoal website. Scraping odds from NowGoal If you are new to WebHarvy and are looking for an easy way to extract data from websites we recommend that you follow … Read more

How to scrape data listed under multiple categories of websites ? | Whole eCommerce website extraction

The Multi Level Category Scraping feature of WebHarvy allows you to scrape product listings from an entire website, listed under various categories and sub-categories, using a simple and single configuration. The following video demonstrates the process. For more category scraping demonstration videos for various websites please refer the following link. WebHarvy Category Scraping Screen-casts for … Read more