WebHarvy 7.3 – Keywords via Input-Text, Miner Options saved in Configuration etc.

The following are the main changes in Version 7.3 of WebHarvy.

Support for adding keywords via the ‘Input-Text’ option

There are websites where the search functionality is implemented such that the search keyword which user enters does not appear in the URL or POST data of the search results page. In these cases, if you use the ‘Input Text’ capture window option to input the keyword to the search box and then perform search (during configuration), then keywords can be added later to the configuration using the ‘Add Keywords‘ functionality.

Miner options saved in the configuration file

The following miner options are now saved in the configuration file, so that each configuration can have its own specific values for these settings. Previously, global settings were used for all configurations.

  1. Advanced Miner Options
  2. Page Load Timeout
  3. Script Load Wait Time

Category tagging is now done using the full category path for multi-level category scraping

For multi-level category scraping, the category tagging column is filled with full category path (example: main category, sub category 1, sub category 2, final category). Previously, the category column was filled with the final page URL instead of category names.

Updated Browser

The chromium browser that WebHarvy internally uses has been updated to the latest version. This solves issues with Cloudflare protection reported on some websites.