How to get property data?

Millions of records of property details are publicly available in real estate websites like Zillow, Realtor, Trulia etc., or in other online real estate websites specific to your country/region. If having a quick access to this data is vital to the success of your business, then you can use our software, WebHarvy, to easily extract … Read more

How to extract property images from a list of property addresses ?

Suppose that you have a list of property addresses in a spreadsheet and your requirement is to get property images corresponding to each of those addresses. What we need to do is take each of those addresses, submit it in the search form of property / real-estate websites like Zillow, open the best matching result … Read more

A minor update to fix crashes reported with latest Windows updates

You must be aware that the latest updates (1809¬†and its re-release) released by Microsoft for Windows 10 caused issues for many users. Few of our customers reported application crash while trying to start up WebHarvy with these updates installed. We have solved this issue in the latest update ( of WebHarvy which you may download … Read more