WebHarvy 7.2 Release Update

The following are the changes in this version. 1. Updated quick start guide with useful links and demonstration/tutorial video search for various websites. 2. For multi-level category scraping, when the ‘Tag with category’ option is enabled in WebHarvy Settings, instead of filling the last column in data table with only the final sub-category name, the … Read more

WebHarvy 6.5 – Browser Update + Many useful additions

Version of WebHarvy comes with the following changes. Internal Browser Update The internal browser has been updated to Chromium V96, which comes with the latest security updates and web standards compliance. Auto Enable ‘Follow this Link’ option When you click a link during configuration and find the Follow this link option disabled, apply the … Read more

WebHarvy 6.4 – Faster Mining

In this version we have improved the performance (speed) of Capture Following Text option while mining data. Since this option is heavily used for accurately selecting data from details pages (pages linked from starting page), it translates to faster mining especially for large amounts of data. The database export feature has been updated to fix … Read more

WebHarvy (Minor Update)

WebHarvy brings an important bug fix and also a few other improvements. Bug fix Sometimes, during configuration, while selecting data from starting page (where there are multiple listings), preview gets updated with only a single item, giving the impression that pattern detection failed. This issue is present in the last 2 versions of WebHarvy, … Read more

WebHarvy 5.5 (Custom User Agent String, Handles frames, better form submission/navigation)

The following are the main changes (features/improvements) of WebHarvy 5.5 1. Custom User Agent String If you go to WebHarvy Settings > Browser tab, you can enable custom user agent string as shown below. The ‘Enable custom user agent string’ option allows you to specify a user agent string which WebHarvy configuration and mining browsers will use. This option … Read more

A minor update to fix crashes reported with latest Windows updates

You must be aware that the latest updates (1809 and its re-release) released by Microsoft for Windows 10 caused issues for many users. Few of our customers reported application crash while trying to start up WebHarvy with these updates installed. We have solved this issue in the latest update ( of WebHarvy which you may download … Read more

WebHarvy 5.3 (Parallel mining, Chrome developer tools)

‘How to increase mining speed ?‘ was one of the most commonly asked questions by our users. With previous versions, the main limitation was that when links had to be followed from the starting page to get each listing details, the miner took more time to scrape a page full of listings. This is because … Read more