WebHarvy (Minor Update)

WebHarvy brings an important bug fix and also a few other improvements.

Bug fix

Sometimes, during configuration, while selecting data from starting page (where there are multiple listings), preview gets updated with only a single item, giving the impression that pattern detection failed. This issue is present in the last 2 versions of WebHarvy, although it has been more prominent in the previous release ( Note that this problem happens only during preview generation and not while mining data.

We have fixed this issue in this release.

Other bug fixes / improvements :

  • Migrated to .NET 4.7 from 4.5 which improves overall application stability and performance
  • Updated Installer
  • Updated Internal Browser to a more recent version of Chromium
  • Increased ‘saved image file name’ truncation limit to 150 characters from 50¬†characters
  • Fixed bug with false click through (link follow/button click) during configuration after focus has been shifted to another application

As always, you can download and install the latest version from https://www.webharvy.com/download.html.

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