How to run WebHarvy on your Mac?

WebHarvy is a Windows application – it requires a Windows PC or Laptop to run. But this fact does not prevent you from running WebHarvy on your M1 or M2 Mac. WebHarvy can be run on macOS using Parallels software.

Parallels allows you to run Windows on your Mac. Downloading, installing and configuring Windows on your Mac is very easy using Parallels. You can start running WebHarvy on your Mac with a few mouse clicks using Parallels.

Installing Windows 11 on your M1/M2 Mac

Video below shows how you can install Windows 11 on your Mac using Parallels.

Installing and running WebHarvy on Mac

Once you have installed Windows 11 via Parallels, then installing WebHarvy is just like installing any other application on a normal PC. Download WebHarvy installer and complete the installation. Video below shows WebHarvy running on an M1 MacBook Pro.


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