How to split address to street, city, state, zip while web scraping ?

During web data extraction, you might sometimes require to split textual data, or extract only a portion of the selected text. Following are 2 scenarios:

  1. Split the address string to street, city, state and zip
  2. Extract details like price, order number, phone, email etc. from a string

In such cases, you can use the ‘Capture subtext‘ feature of WebHarvy. This feature allows you to highlight the required portion of the text displayed in the Capture window, so that when you click the ‘Capture Text’ button, only the selected portion will be extracted. The following video demonstrates this feature.

If you need more control over the way in which sub text can be selected, you can use Regular Expressions with WebHarvy.

How to select data from text as well as HTML source of the page using Regular Expressions ?

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