Scraping Tennis Scores from Flashscore

Flashscore is a website which displays live scores and odds of various sports matches like football, tennis, basketball etc. Scraping live match scores and betting odds from Flashscore is possible using WebHarvy.

In this article we will see how WebHarvy can be used to scrape tennis match scores from Flashscore. WebHarvy is a generic and visual web scraper which can be configured to scrape data from any website. WebHarvy can also scrape data from other live score/betting odds websites like SofaScore, OddsPortal, BetExplorer etc. The scraped data can be saved as a file or to a database. WebHarvy also allows you to scrape data periodically from these websites via an automated scraping process – which runs and saves data without user intervention.

The following video shows how WebHarvy can scrape tennis match scores from FlashScore website for a list of matches. In this example we provide WebHarvy a list of tennis match details page URLs and WebHarvy will scrape the score data and present it in a spreadsheet format.

Set by set, match points of tennis matches can also be scraped using WebHarvy from Flashscore as shown in the following video.

To know more about scraping live scores from FlashScore please refer this link.

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Getting started with web scraping using WebHarvy

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