WebHarvy 3.1 (Minor Update)

The 3.1 update of WebHarvy which was released yesterday (July 24) has the following changes.

  • Added option to Tag captured data rows with corresponding Keyword/Category. (Applicable only for Keyword/Category based Scraping). See the new Miner Settings Window (Edit menu – Settings)
  • Option to separately set Page Load Timeout and AJAX Load Wait Time in Miner Settings.
  • Option to edit the start URL / Post Data / Headers for the configuration directly from the UI, without editing the XML configuration file. (under Edit menu – Edit Options)
  • Updates related to Category Scraping, Capture Text following a Heading, Mining multiple pages
  • Bug Fixes

Download and install the latest update fromĀ https://www.webharvy.com/download.html.

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