WebHarvy 6.0 – Faster & Accurate Data Selection

This is a major update of WebHarvy. But the number of visible new features added is nil. The main change is that WebHarvy now selects data faster and the accuracy of data fetched during mining has been improved. So WebHarvy now takes lesser time to fetch patterns of data from listing pages. The selection accuracy improvement is mainly targeted at minimizing the use of Regular Expressions for data selection – so that you can directly click and select required details as much as possible.

A new setting has been added under Advanced Miner Options named ‘Data selection accuracy’.

The default value of this setting is High, and is recommended for most websites. The data matching rules can be made more strict or lenient by adjusting this setting.

Support for downloading webp images

This version also adds support for downloading WebP images. Earlier only URLs of webp images could be downloaded. Know more about image extraction using WebHarvy.


The new version may be downloaded from https://www.webharvy.com/download.html. If you are new to WebHarvy we highly recommend that you refer our Getting Started Guide.

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