WebHarvy Web Scraper V1.5.0.26 released

The latest version (V1.5.0.26) of WebHarvy Visual Web Scraper is available for download. The changes in this update are :

  • New option: ‘Capture following text’ added in capture form.
  • Web Miner has been improved to handle even HTML errors of target websites.
  • Allows exporting scraped data while mining is paused.
  • For CSV, TSV exports, column names are added as the first row.
  • Option to input keywords in CSV format.
  • Option to manually set page load timeout value in application settings.

The ‘Capture following text’ feature helps to scrape text following a given heading within the page. This feature is useful when data to be scraped does not occur at a fixed position within the page, but is guaranteed to follow a heading text (Example ‘Product Details:‘ or ‘Specification‘).
The option to manually set the page load timeout value from settings window helps to scrape data from websites with slow response times or from those which employ AJAX.
We recommend that you download and try the 15 days free evaluation version.

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