How to scrape data from eBay ?

WebHarvy can be used to scrape data from The following video shows the process.
[vimeo 68767010 w=500 h=375]
In the above video the Keyword Scraping feature of WebHarvy is used to scrape product search results for multiple input keywords. In addition to this the Category Scraping feature can scrape products listed under various categories at
WebHarvy can extract data (text and images) from websites with just mouse clicks. Being a generic, visual web scraper, WebHarvy can be configured to extract data from any website. The configuration part is very easy – see this demonstration video which shows how easy it is to setup WebHarvy for data extraction.
In case you are looking for an easy to use web scraping solution to extract data from ebay (and other websites like amazon, yellow pages etc) we recommend that you try the evaluation version of WebHarvy from
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