How to scrape data from eBay product listings ? (price, images, specification, seller description etc.)

WebHarvy can be used to easily scrape product data from listings at eCommerce websites like Amazon, eBay etc. We have an entire playlist of demonstration videos related to eCommerce data extraction in our YouTube channel.

eBay Data Scraping

In this article we will see how WebHarvy can be used to extract product data from eBay listings. Details like product name, price, product URL, item specifications (condition, weight, UPC/MPN etc.), seller description etc. can be extracted. WebHarvy can also extract product images (thumbnail as well as high resolution images) from eBay product listings. The following video shows the steps involved.

The JavaScript code used in the above video to open seller description as a separate page is copied below.

location.href = document.getElementById(‘desc_ifr’).getAttribute(‘src’);

More videos related to eBay data extraction

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Getting started with web data scraping using WebHarvy


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