Scrape Zillow Without Getting Blocked

Zillow is one of the largest and most popular real estate websites in the United States. Zillow provides a very large and comprehensive real estate data set which includes property listings, market trends, historical data and neighbourhood information. This data is critical in real estate market analysis and research which helps in making informed investment decisions.

While Zillow provides all this data, it also aggressively blocks attempts to automatically scrape it. In this article we will see how Zillow property listings can be scraped without getting your IP blocked. Now, if you are wondering whether scraping data from Zillow is legal or not, you might want to refer this article : Legality of web scraping.

Using WebHarvy to Scrape Zillow

WebHarvy is a visual web scraper which lets you select data from websites using a very easy to use point and click user interface. WebHarvy can be used to scrape data from *any* website, including real estate websites like Zillow. It can also scrape data from other real estate websites like, Trulia, RedFin etc.

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The following video shows how WebHarvy can be configured to scrape data from Zillow.

As you can see, all data selection and navigation is configured via simple mouse clicks. The only code used is to close the property details popup. This code is copied below.

document.getElementsByClassName(‘ds-close-lightbox-icon hc-back-to-list’)[0].click();

Try WebHarvy

We recommend that you download and try using the free evaluation version of WebHarvy to see if can be used to scrape data from Zillow or other real estate websites as per your requirement.

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