Web Scraping Airbnb listings

Web Scraping can be employed to extract data from thousands of Airbnb listings to a simple spreadsheet or database table. Details like address, price, rating, reviews, images, owner details, bed/baths/area etc. can be easily scraped.

Web Scraping is the process of automatically copy-pasting (using software) data from websites to a file or database. Usually the data is saved in spreadsheet format (Excel).

Which software to use to scrape Airbnb?

WebHarvy is a visual web scraping software using which you can scrape data from any website including Airbnb. You can download and install the free trial of WebHarvy from our website. Our software allows you to select the data required to be scraped via a simple point and click interface. There is no need to write scripts or perform complicated setup procedure – just click and select data.

Steps to scrape Airbnb listings using WebHarvy

First, load the Airbnb listings page from which you need to scrape data within WebHarvy. (See video below)

Airbnb listings page loaded within WebHarvy

And then, start configuration. WebHarvy allows you to click and select any data which you would like to scrape. In this example we are selecting only the listing details page URL/address from the starting page. All other listing details are selected from the details page.

Since there are multiple pages of results, pagination can be configured by selecting the next page link.

The Follow this link option in the Capture window is used to follow the first listing link to load its details page.

Following listing link to load details page

Once the details page is loaded, click and select the data which you need. Clicking on any data item (text, link or image) on the page brings up a Capture window with various options. Use the Capture Text option to capture the text of the clicked item.

Selecting data to scrape from Airbnb listings

WebHarvy can scrape multiple images displayed in the listings details page. Once all data has been selected, stop configuration. Click the Start Mine button in the menu to start mining data using the configuration created. The scraped data can be saved to a file or to a database.

Video : Scraping Airbnb

Try WebHarvy

We recommend that you download and try the free evaluation version of WebHarvy available in our website. To get started please follow the link below.

Getting started in Web Scraping using WebHarvy

If you have any questions or need assistance please do not hesitate to contact our technical support team.