WebHarvy 5.1 released (Includes direct Excel Export)

The following are the changes in :
New Features :

  1. Excel export – supports directly saving mined data as an Excel file (details)
  2. Handles page numbers in JavaScript code to load next page data (details)
  3. Updated Chromium engine from V54 to V62

Minor changes :

  1. Default values of ‘Enable Plugins’ and ‘Enable Browser Security’ in Browser Settings set to false (details)
  2. Browser address bar can be used for Google search

Bug fixes :

  1. Fixed issues related to handling headers and post data for HTTP requests
  2. Fixed issue in selecting data using mouse when Zoom-level of browser is not equal to 1 (zoomed in or zoomed out)
  3. Text formatting issues (line-breaks, spaces) in Capture window fixed
  4. Fixed issue where order of applying capture-html and capture-more-content was relevant (for applying regex to follow links or to capture images)
  5. Bug fix in editing keywords. With the previous version changing the first keyword was not possible.
  6. Minimizes memory usage in mining thread by limiting the number of browser instances created

As always, the latest version may be downloaded and installed from the following page :

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