How to scrape real estate data from ?

WebHarvy is a visual (point and click) data extraction software which can be easily configured to extract data from any website. This article explains how WebHarvy can be configured to extract property details from which is a real estate website.

Apart from scraping data from redfin, WebHarvy can also be used to extract data from property listing sites like Zillow, Trulia, Realtor etc.

The following video shows how WebHarvy can be used to easily extract property details from Details like property price, address, area, built date, features, property history etc. are selected via the intuitive point and click interface. WebHarvy can follow each property link to extract additional data as well as automatically load and extract these data from multiple pages of listings.

As you can see, most of the details are selected by directly clicking on them. There is no complex configuration process or code/script to write. To know more and to familiarize with how WebHarvy can be used to extract data from websites, please follow the link below.

Getting started with web scraping using WebHarvy

We have several demonstration videos related to real estate / property data extraction in our YouTube channel which you can watch by following the link given below.

Real Estate Data Extraction Videos

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