How to easily extract data from websites ?

If you have a data extraction requirement you can either outsource it to a freelancer/consulting company or try to do it yourselves. The advantages while using a tool to perform the extraction yourself is mainly cost. Plus, with the knowledge gained while creating your first extraction project, you can capture data from a variety of websites, make changes easily and have more control.

What if there is a tool with zero learning curve to extract data from websites ?

And if you are searching for the right data extraction tool to invest in, there are a variety of options. There are complex ones, ones which run from the cloud and serve for enterprise customers, ones which provide APIs for developers to integrate the data from applications/code. And there is WebHarvy which has been mainly designed for ease of use. WebHarvy’s mission is to minimize the number of steps you need to perform before data extraction starts, and also to make these steps very intuitive. See it for yourselves in the following video where we demonstrate how simple and easy it is to extract data from multiple pages of websites using WebHarvy.

Interested ? Know more about WebHarvy’s features at We also recommend that you download and try the free evaluation version of the software available at

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