Scraping Zillow to extract property details | Real Estate Data Extraction

WebHarvy can be used to easily extract property details from real estate websites like Zillow, Trulia, Realtor etc. In this article, we discuss how WebHarvy can be used to extract property details from listings.

WebHarvy is very easy to configure and use to extract data from most websites. The point and click interface of the software can be used by following a very simple method as shown in the demonstration videos at

Configuration method for scraping Zillow property listings

But some websites like Zillow requires a special technique of configuration which is slightly complex than the normal method which is applicable for most websites. This is mainly due to the way in which Zillow website is designed and implemented.

The following video shows in detail the configuration method to be followed to scrape data from Zillow using WebHarvy.

You can find the regular expression strings and JavaScript codes used in the video description.

Update (June 2021) : Due to recent changes in Zillow website, a new technique has to be used to scrape all 40 properties which are displayed on each page. Please watch this video to know more.

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