WebHarvy 5.4 (Auto delete cookies, Load more data using JS)

What is new in WebHarvy Version 5.4 ?

Automatically delete cookies while mining

Websites can get details regarding your previous visits using cookies stored locally by the browser. A new Browser Settings option has been added to prevent this. WebHarvy will periodically delete browser cookies during mining when this option is enabled.

New pagination method : Load more data in same page using JavaScript

In Pagination using JavaScript, you can now specify the pagination type. Select the ‘Load Next Page’ option if the code loads a new page of data. Select the ‘Load More Data’option if the code loads more data in the same page, without loading a new page. This option helps you to handle pages where more data is loaded in the same page when a button/link is clicked, or when you scroll down the page.

Transfer license to another machine

It is now possible to transfer your WebHarvy license from one PC/laptop to another. For details please refer this link.

Edit mining tasks in Windows Task Scheduler interface

For finer control over how a mining task should be triggered and how often it should be repeated, you can now edit WebHarvy mining tasks directly in Windows Task Scheduler interface.

Minor changes

  1. License upgrades can now be purchased directly from the application, from Help menu > About or while trying to unlock the software
  2. Prompts to save unsaved configurations
  3. Displays previously set JavaScript code for pagination, if user selects JavaScript pagination option again


You may download and install the latest version from the following link:


New Video Tutorial Series

We have also updated our Video Tutorial Series.


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