Web Scraping FootyStats.org Football Statistics

FootyStats.org provides football statistics and match result prediction (betting odds) data for thousands of football leagues worldwide. Compared to other similar websites like flashscore, whoscored etc., footystats.org has a very user friendly design which makes it easier for users to drill down on match statistics.

Software to scrape football statistics

Web Scraping is the process of automatically extracting data from websites. The tools used for this purpose are called web scrapers. You can develop your own purpose built web scraper or use a generic web scraping tool which can be configured to work with any website.

In this article we will be using WebHarvy, a visual easy-to-use web scraping software which can be used to scrape data from any website including football statistics websites like footystats, whoscored, soccerstats, flashscore etc.

Using WebHarvy’s point and click user interface you can easily scrape required data from footystats.org website. Lets find out how.

How to scrape footystats.org using WebHarvy?

The following video shows how WebHarvy can be used to scrape data from footystats.org website.

Steps to follow

  • Download and install the free trial version of WebHarvy in your computer.
  • Open WebHarvy and load the page from which you need to scrape data, within WebHarvy’s configuration browser
FootStats.org page loaded within WebHarvy
  • Open WebHarvy Settings and click on Advanced Miner Options button. In the resulting window, select the value 2 for ‘Minimum number of items required in a list’ option. Apply changes.
Change settings
  • Start Configuration
  • Now you can start selecting the data items which you need to scrape. To select a data item, click over it. WebHarvy will display a Capture window with various options. Select the Capture Text option to scrape the text of the item. WebHarvy will automatically scrape similar items from the rest of the page and a preview of selected data will be displayed in the bottom pane.
Selecting data to scrape by clicking over them
  • Details like match time, home and away team names, odds, match details page URL etc. can be selected for extraction using this method.
  • In order to follow each match link and scrape more details, click on the first match link and select the Follow this link option from the resulting Capture window.
Following match link to load details page
  • Wait for the match details page to load. Once loaded, you can select additional data fields from it by following the same method as before.
  • To select data which always follow a heading text, it is recommended to use the Capture Following Text method.
  • Details like match prediction & tips, scores of previous matches between the same teams, odds data etc. can be selected from the match details page.
  • After you have selected all the required data, stop configuration. You can optionally save the configuration so that it can be run later, edited to make changes or scheduled to be run periodically without user intervention.
  • Click the Start Mine button to start mining data using the configuration
Mining Data

Try WebHarvy

In case you are interested to explore more please go ahead and download the free trial version of WebHarvy. To get started please follow this link.

Have questions? Need Support?

In case you have any questions or need assistance in configuring WebHarvy, please contact our support.