How to scrape data anonymously ?

WebHarvy Web Scraper allows you to scrape data from remote websites anonymously with the help of proxy servers. This prevents remote web servers from blocking / black listing your computer’s IP address.
WebHarvy provides you the option to specify either a single proxy server address or a list of proxy servers addresses through which the remote website will be scraped. In case you are providing a list of proxy server addresses, WebHarvy will cycle through the list in a periodic manner.
Please follow this link to know more about this feature.
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How to scrape search results data for a list of input keywords ?

In most cases the data to be scraped is the result of performing a search operation from the main page of the website. Often it is required that you need to extract data from the search results for a list of input keywords.
The ‘Keyword Scraping’ feature of WebHarvy allows you to perform this task with ease. You can specify a list of input keywords and WebHarvy will automatically scrape data from the search results corresponding to each keyword in the specified list.
Please follow this link to know more about ‘Keyword based Scraping’.
Video Demonstration : Keyword based Scraping
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WebHarvy Web Scraper : Scrape data from sections and sub sections within webpages

The ‘category scraping’ feature of WebHarvy allows you to easily scrape a list of links which leads to similarly formatted pages within a website with a single configuration. This helps to scrape data from sections and subsections listed under the main page of a website.
Please follow this link to know more about Category Scraping.
Category Scraping : Video demonstration 
You may download and try the free evaluation version of WebHarvy, the visual Web Scraper software, from

WebHarvy V1.4.0.20 Released

The latest update of WebHarvy (version has gone live and is available for download at
Changes :

  • [New Feature] Keyword based Scraping : Allows you to run the same configuration for a set of input keywords (Read more :
  • Edit Configuration : Allows you to edit an already saved WebHarvy configuration XML file (Read more :
  • Option to contact us (WebHarvy Support) directly from the application (See Help menu)
  • Option to check for new updates directly from the application (See Help menu)
  • Miner performance improvement : Web mining performance while following links from the main page has been improved
  • Minor improvements and bug fixes
    • Miner window remembers its last position/size/state
    • Issue with Auto Scroll fixed
    • Issue with loading ‘Next Page’ and ‘Following Links’ in certain scenarios while mining has been fixed
    • Issue which resulted in application crash while parsing HTML of certain websites has been fixed

Web Scrape Anonymously

WebHarvy allows you to scrape websites anonymously via proxy servers. You can either configure WebHarvy to scrape through a single proxy server or to use a list of proxy server addresses which are cycled automatically after a specified time interval.
Scrape via Proxy Servers
You may download the 15 days evaluation copy of WebHarvy Web Scraper from .

WebHarvy V1.2.0.8 Released

We have released another update of WebHarvy with the following new features.

  • Ability to append the mined data to already existing CSV, XML, TSV files without overwriting them.
  • Option to ‘copy’ data directly from ‘Captured Data Preview’ pane so that it can be pasted to an excel (or any other spreadsheet) document.
Download the Evaluation Version :

WebHarvy Web Scraper V1.2.0.6 Released

We have released a new version of  WebHarvy Web Scraper (version The new features in this release are :

  • Support for exporting scraped data to database.
  • Support for web scraping via proxy servers.
  • Multi level page scraping. Scrape sections, subsections or categories within websites.
  • Pause / Resume mining operation.
  • Status updates while mining.
  • Automatically handle network connection loss.
  • Minor bug fixes.
For a complete overview of features, please visit .
You can download a free 15 days evaluation copy of WebHarvy from .

The intelligent Web Scraper

One of the major design goals which we had while developing WebHarvy is that users should be able scrape data from web sites with minimum amount of interaction with the software. That implies minimum amount of key press and mouse clicks.
So while you are trying to scrape a list of repeating data like name, address, email address, price etc from a web page, WebHarvy will not ask you whether you are trying to capture a single data item or a list of items, unlike other web data extraction software. If data repeats, WebHarvy will intelligently identify it.
To know more, read on at
We also recommend you to see the demo video at
You can download and try the 15 days evaluation version of  WebHarvy Web Scraper at

Introducing WebHarvy, the intelligent Visual Web Scraper

We have released a new product : WebHarvy
Product WebSite:
Product Demo:
WebHarvy is an easy to use, intelligent Visual Web Scraper. WebHarvy helps you to extract data from webpages and save the extracted content as spreadsheet or XML files. All you need to do is to navigate to the webpage which contains data using WebHarvy’s inbuilt web browser and click on the data items to be extracted. Yes, it is that easy. There is no need to write any code or complicated scripts to scrape data. Just point and click !
We recommend you visit the product website, to know more about WebHarvy.